Kompass Europe Group

Dünya Ticaret Mrk. Egs Business Park B. 2 Bl. No:8 / 106 Bu firma 456 defa görüntülenmiştir! Bakırköy / İstanbul
Firma Adı: Kompass Europe Group Telefon Numarası: 02124637144 GSM Numarası: 0542 605 16 05 E-Posta Adresi: rp@kompasseurope.eu İnternet Adresi: www.kompasseurope.eu/
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Firma Hakkında

Kompass Europe founded in 2005 in Hungary-Budapest; Since 2005 to our present-day Kompass Europe been operating in many different fields. In 2008 İstanbul branch been opened, then after 2017 we opened one of our warehouses in Balıkesir( Turkey) and one more contact office in Balıkesir Edremit.Our company may be considered to be a medium-size scale company but it is flexible and capable of operating internationally indifferent fields like education equipment and materials, foreign universities, high schools, language schools registrations, natural cosmetic consultancy, internet marketing, online sales, foreign company consulting, cosmetic products trading. In 2020 we are planning to set up our branch office in Aberdeen in the UK

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