Secwood Design

Melikgazi Ma No 7 Kayseri Bu firma 396 defa görüntülenmiştir! Melikgazi / Kayseri
Firma Adı: Secwood Design Telefon Numarası: 5441393889 GSM Numarası: 5441393889 E-Posta Adresi: [email protected] İnternet Adresi:
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Firma Hakkında

Secwood Design is the leading manufacturer of custom made epoxy furnitures and luxury epoxy accessories based in Turkey. Our headquarters is in Istanbul and our factory is located in Kayseri, Turkey.
We have been designing and producing unique furnitures according to the needs and demands of each client since 2014. We have a wide range of products that either will fit to your home or your personal hobbies.
Secwood Design is the leading epoxy furniture exporter in Turkey. We have been exporting to mainly USA, Middle East and Russia.
Since we do not make mass production, each of our furnitures are unique and custom made.

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